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Scope of Practice

Scope of practice is loosely defined as the procedures and actions of which a healthcare provider can legally, and ethically perform based on their permit or licensure.

For your safety as well as for liability reasons; everything I do in my practice is covered by my insurance. I have either been trained by an accredited educational entity during my career or I studied it in school.

There are many different avenues that a person can take in Massage Therapy and there are many different modalities to reflect that. I went over what modalities are, and when they are used in a previous blog; "Techniques, Styles, Modalities, and Practitioners".

The avenue that I chose in Massage Therapy was solely based on what I liked to do at the time - it was comfortable, and it was familiar. There has been a definite shift in my massage-path over the years because of the type of clients I naturally attract. I still and always will keep working on all types of people but, in order to grow and mature with the demands of those clients that I naturally attract, I continue to learn new things. I will eventually implement these new things into my practice, but not until I feel comfortable doing so. Anyone in Massage Therapy can learn new moves, tricks, and techniques - it's called evolving.

However, there is a difference between learning a new moves, tricks and techniques and learning a whole new modality altogether. Learning an entirely new modality will require furthering my education as well as becoming certified before I can ethically administer those new skills. Also, when I become certified, I can be insured for that as well.

Everything that I have mentioned so far only applies to the field of Massage Therapy. All health professionals have a Scope of Practice. Also, there is a Standard of Practice that a provider must follow - which basically means, following the rules and doing things the correct and ethical way.

Not too long ago, a client asked if I could crack their back for them so that they could get a bigger release in their thoracic spine. I said, "I can't do that". I apologized and said, "You need to go to a chiropractor." I also said that there are these great tools that you can buy at many stores called Foam Rollers. Rolling out is a great way to get some minor cracks and pops in many areas of your body - and yes, it's over-the-counter, inexpensive, and may be effective. I also suggested a couple of stretches as well as a few other things that they could do to loosen up; yoga, spending some time in a sauna, and swimming.

So, here's the thing; I am not a doctor, I am not a chiropractor, I am not a personal trainer, and I am not a dietitian.


Can I diagnose a "condition" in one of my clients? NO.

Can I tell my clients to take Naproxen for inflammation or Aspirin for a headache? NO.


Can I (purposely) crack their back, wrists, or anything else using manual adjustments? NO.

Personal Trainer:

Can I give exercise advice? YES and NO.

For example, I can tell my client that increased scapular stretching and movement may lead to greater flexibility and range of motion, and I can also tell them what exercises would help with that, BUT I cannot tell them to do it.

Dietician/Personal Trainer/Doctor:

Can I tell my clients that they should skip the carbs for a few weeks if they want to lose weight? NO.

Believe it or not, I have been asked all of these questions and get them regularly. Do I know what can and will work for most people? 100% irrelevant because as far as my professional licensure is concerned, I do not know anything about anything that does not pertain to Massage Therapy and that's where it will remain.

If you have any questions about "Scope of Practice" or want me to cover anything else in the future, please let me know. I love writing and doing research from time-to-time.

LASTLY... Get on my schedule for one of the best, most professional massages and bodywork sessions money can buy. I am in Northland Kansas City.

Text 816.800.2447 anytime - Don't call, TEXT please.

Have an awesome day!


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