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Feel Awesome is a Kansas City Licensed Sports Massage Therapy business that offers a variety of service to help you feel awesome & perform better!


Massage Therapy

A manual manipulation of the musculoskeletal system to release pressure and tension throughout all layers of the body.


Improve range of motion, restore lost flexibility, and assist with pain management.

Massage Therapy

Hot Stones

A great way to melt through connective tissue surrounding adhesions (knots) on Superficial and Deep layers of tissue.


Hot stones are used as a tool for deep penetration without actually having to dig. This method of manipulation is not only productive, but very relaxing.

Hot Stones


This is a method of eliminating toxins that are trapped in deep layers of muscle in order to ease chronic pain and to improve muscle function.


This can be used as not only an aid to restore, but also as a preventative measure to in order to maintain a healthy body through supporting the Circulatory and Lymphatic Systems.

CBD Consulting
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