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Sweet Emotion

Hello and welcome to another blog posting. Today is one of those chilly spring mornings where I think I'd like to just rest my mind for a second and spill some beans. I find it funny how when the mind has a moment to breath, all the nonsense in life sort-of just goes away. A metaphorical air pocket is created, weight falls off your back, and new thoughts are able to spill out. If you could just ride with me for a second, I'd like to take you on a little journey into my perception of the mind.

Imagine that your brain is a fire. The fire never goes out. The fire that we all have is our lifeblood, our element, our crux. We need that fire; it is necessary, and it keeps us alive. It represents stress and pressure from everyday life. It represents bills, family, our careers, and our relationships with friends, family, and partners.

Sometimes, that fire has been burning so steadily for so long, that you forget you even have a fire. Many times, that fire has too many logs burning at once, and you just need to back away from the heat. If you are fortunate enough, you may intentionally let that fire die down a bit and enjoy the beauty of it before you add more fuel. If you are able or willing or sit and enjoy that fire before adding to it, you may find yourself writing blogs like this one. Also, I think that if you do not have the needed time to chill by the fire - it would be very wise of you to make time.

Additionally, I think it is safe to say that most of us have a few unnecessary logs on that fire. Those unnecessary logs cause a burden on our mentality. The fire will burn without these additional logs just fine, but for some reason they are there. Some people thrive on stressful fires - it keeps them focused. Other people like me would prefer to have those extra few minutes to watch the fire burn down a little.

Recently, I have had some "unnecessary logs" on my fire...which happens from time to time. You know those logs that crackle and pop really loudly and sends ambers flying. Maybe that log has a lot of knots, maybe it's a wet log...who knows, but that log needs to be taken out immediately because it becomes a fire hazard. We don't like fire hazards, we like nice, steady, fires. It's important to keep a keen eye out so that you don't start a forest fire. Know what I'm saying?

So, as I sit here, listening to the early morning birds angrily discussing amongst themselves about the lack of bird seeds in the feeder...I'd like to let you in on a personal secret; you need to take care of yourself! The birds can wait. Nobody else will take care of you the way you can. People will tell you that they have your back and that they will support and guide you, but nobody else has the power to actually do the mental work for you. The phrase "mental work" to me sounds arduous, exhausting, laborious...and quite frankly, sounds like work, but it really isn't.

Mental work is selfcare. Selfcare is a whole other subject altogether which involves a large umbrella of practices. Everything from exercise and yoga all the way up to psychotherapy is included. Fortunately for both of us, I can help you. What I should say is; I can help you help yourself. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Now, a common misconception about massage therapy is that it is NOT actually therapy. You may think, perhaps the therapeutic aspect of massage is closer to physical therapy...but mental therapy?!

Yes. 100%

How did your mind feel after your last massage? Were you a little groggy? Were you happier? Did you have mixed emotions? All are possible and all are completely normal. I could get into a long scientific rant about how massage effects endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine, but I'll save that for another blog very soon. All are true and you can do the research yourself - in fact, I suggest you do.

In massage therapy, it is not uncommon for people to have emotional releases. So, what exactly is an emotional release, actually? An emotional release could be a sudden release of stress. Maybe there was recently a death in the family or a painful breakup, or maybe their kid went away to college...whatever the case may be; stress needs to go somewhere, and it could happen whether or not the client expected it to happen or not. By the way, it is totally okay to be a human. Some emotional releases are caused by tissue memory. Tissue Memory is a phenomenon which can trigger an emotional response.

Tissue memory is the remembrance of physical or emotional trauma that is stored within the tissues of the body. As the therapist works towards the physical trauma site, memories of the event may enter the mind of the client about the injury. Perhaps there was an event that caused that person to become injured and lose their ability to perform athletically like they once did. Maybe it tells a story of physical abuse... Whatever the case may be, their emotions may trigger a sympathetic nervous system response. The end result could be heightened respiration and even crying - and it is totally okay. Let it out.

I will definitely revisit emotional responses in greater detail, but for now, I just wanted to express my willingness to educate you on how massage therapy is in fact THERAPY. As a Licensed Massage Therapist, I consider myself not only a craftsman, but an artist with a very perceptive mind. An art, a science, a trade... That is what we are, and this is what we do. It is a passion to advocate and fight battles for others. It is an empathetic and selfless public service.

I'll just leave it at that for now. So, do yourself a favor and take load off. Enjoy the fire. I want you to feel awesome!

Reach out at (816) 800-2447. Call, text, check out my website at to get on my schedule or to ask any questions.

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Excellent blog and I agree with the therapy of massage. Mental as much or more than physical

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